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What guarantees do I have?

First of all, we don't take pre-payments for app development services. This means that you only pay for work after it has been completed and demonstrated to you, not before. Your own pocket acts like an escrow account.
Secondly, we provide up to 6-month warranty period for apps created by our company. The warranty will be outlined in the services agreement, and should the warranty be needed, our developers will resolve the problem absolutely free of charge.

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How can I pay for your services?

While most of our competitors use a complex SWIFT payment type, we have a payment system that is integrated right into our project management system, which you will get access to upon the onset of the project. The process of payment is simple, just like buying goods in an online shop: You get digital invoice with a "Pay" button, enter your credit card or PayPal account, and confirm the payment—that's it. The invoice is generated after providing agreed services on weekly basis or upon reaching a milestone.

Moreover, you will also have access to a page with a history of your payments, where you can easily see how much you paid and the purpose of every payment.

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How should I communicate with your developers?

You don't need to communicate with our developers at all. Your main point of contact will be your personal project manager. We strongly believe that every person should do the type of work that he or she loves and can do well. That's why our developers concentrate on coding while communication is handled by a project manager. This is especially necessary when a lot of people are involved in a project, like an iOS developer, Android developer, UI designer, PHP developer, JS developer, etc. You don't need to remember whom you should speak to about a particular issue. Just send your task to your personal PM, and he or she will deliver it to the correct person.

App Development process
What software or tools do I need during the process of development?

The main tool that you will need is your e-mail. This is the main point of contact that will be used during the whole work process and beyond. Also, it's preferable to have a Skype account as well in order to rapidly resolve any short questions via calls or chat. Also, to be able to see the results of Appus team's work, you will need an iOS/Android mobile device (if you ordered mobile app development) or the latest version of one of the most popular browsers (if you ordered website development). That's it. We will configure and supply everything else:

  • Ticketing system for tasks assigning
  • Calendar with milestones for tracking the progress
  • Private GIT repository for storing app code
  • Accounting page with invoices and payment history
  • Project test plan with results of tests
  • and much more...

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What information will you need from me to start the work?

We strongly believe that the foundation of any project is its specifications. And the main part of any specifications are wireframes (flowchart), which is a detailed map of the application that shows all the screens and every button in it. Specifications are the main thing that you will need to supply to us before the start of the project. The fuller and more detailed your specifications are, the more the app will fit your requirements in the end.
If you have a project's specifications but you are not sure about its full detalization, you can still show us what you already have. We will explain all the necessary corrections required to make it complete. This service is free of charge; we don't take any money for these advisory talks.
If you don't have a project's specifications at all but just a rough idea of an app instead, you could still write to us. Our managers will gather all the required information by asking you a variety of questions about your project and will then create wireframes by themselves. Creation of wireframes is a conditionally-free service. It means that the amount that you pay for the wireframes creation process will be deducted from development costs later on as a discount. Here is an example of wireframes (flowchart) created by our team: flowchart example.

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Do you do all the work by yourself, or do you re-distribute it among remote developers or freelancers?

A completely internal development process is one of the features of our company. If we don't have the required specialist to do the job, we simply don't take the job. You can check out our social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter) to see the real faces of our team members. Or you could visit our office to see our developers in action—we are always glad to meet in person!

App Development process, Post-development process
Let's assume the app was created...how can I send it to the App Store or/and Google Play market?

Before the application can be published, you will need to register it in the App Store/Google Play. The registration process requires information such as app name, app description, owner contact info, screenshots, etc. Our project manager will lead you through this process and will provide the required consultation free of charge.
After the app is registered, our developers will handle the remaining technical aspect of the process and will upload the final version of an app to your iTunes or Google account.

App Development process, Post-development process, References&Connection
What if I have some technical questions during the development process or even after it? Can I delegate them to you?

All of our consultations are free of charge, no matter when you ask your questions: during a contract, after it, or before. Our project managers are always glad to answer your questions absolutely free of charge.

General, Payments&Pricing
What is the difference between fixed price and hourly rate basis?

The fixed price basis is a work model that assumes that the final price is generated before the start of the work, and it cannot be changed during the work process. However, the disadvantage of this model is that the app requirements are fixed as well, and they cannot be modified during the work.
Hourly rate basis is the work model when the client pays for the actual working hours of developers on a weekly basis. It is a flexible model, and it's possible to change app requirements at any time. But the disadvantage of this model is that nobody knows when the project will be finished & what the final price will be.
For more information, please read this article.

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I need a product similar to an existing app that is available in the Google Play/App Store. Can you generate a quote based on that app?

Unfortunately, the real application from the App Store/Google Play cannot be used as a replacement for the app specification. There are some reasons for that:

  1. The owner of another app may constantly update his app during our work. As a result, our development process will look like were chasing after a rabbit.
  2. You never can be sure that you have seen all the functionalities available in the product. As a result, it may lead to misunderstandings at the end of the project.
  3. There is a certain portion of an app that cannot be seen at all. For instance, the app administration panel is available only for the owner of an app.

Because of these reasons, every app requires a work scopes (app specification). However, if you have only a link to an existing app in the Google Play/App Store, we still can help you. Our managers are capable of creating an app specification by themselves. This is a conditionally-free service. Please read more about it here.

General, References&Connection
Do you have any references of your past clients?

You can check out feedback about our company on the following websites:

  1. Clutch
  2. Goodfirms
  3. UpWork
  4. Extract

All of this feedback was validated by the platform on which they were published, and they are all 100% real.

Post-development process
What if I have more work after project completion? Will you continue the work?

Of course! We are always interested in a long-term partnership, and we will be more than happy to continue to work with you. However, we may need some time in order to allocate the same developer who worked on your project earlier. We always try to keep our developers busy 100% of the time, and it's very likely that the developer who worked on your project was already switched to a new project when your job was finished. To prevent delays, it's better to provide us with all tasks at once so that we can better coordinate the schedules of our developers.

General, Legal, Secure&Guarantees
I want to keep my project and all its data secure. How about security in your company?

To be sure that all work information and correspondence is kept private, we don't use any third-party services. For storing app source code, we don't use third-party services like Gitlab or Beanstalk; instead, we use our own dedicated server with a GIT system installed on it. Also, all our employees work in-house, and we never outsource our work to other parties. 

And, of course, we will be more than happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before starting your project.

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