Web development services

Web project management

The Appus team has a great deal of experience in managing websites & web applications. You will be given direct Skype access to an individual project manager who will clarify all technical and general questions, assign tasks to the development team, and provide any required consultations.

  • The illustration of the Web project management process.
  • Image of the official Amazon Web Services logo.

Amazon Cloud distribution

We use Amazon Web Services as the backend for your project, as it offers excellent security and is quite flexible and scalable in case we need to update the server to support more users or acquire more free space. In addition to the already secure AWS Cloud, we can use industry-leading security solutions to help you secure your data & your users.

Admin panel

As part of the project, our developers provide a separate standalone portal where you can edit/change your application or website content without updating it in-store. You will be able to manage existing users, see statistical data, edit products or articles, track online payments, validate content entered by your users and much, much more.

  • Picture of the admin panel elements.

Get in touch with us with any technical question or to request an estimate for Your website. All consultations are free of charge.

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