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We create highly immersive applications for tvOS and also produce spectacular and graphics-intensive games. Our developers can squeeze out maximum performance to make user experiences on Apple TV much better and more exciting than ever.

Future of television

We are motivated to optimize your application for Siri Remote, so users have full control of their Apple TV from iOS mobile devices. With this application, it's possible to interact with Apple TV using a keyboard or navigating by touch. Also, when it comes to entertainment, Appus team can implement superior accelerometer and gyroscope features to produce unique action games.
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We can develop an app that presents media content to your users in an elegant and entertaining way. A large number of features like podcasts, video games, movies, music and TV shows will be placed in a usable way so people can easily interact with them.


The Appus team's designers have the know-how to create the perfect UI for your Apple TV project, making it easy for users to understand how to interact with the application and get the results they expect. We can provide the perfect UI design and user experience to make users feel as though they're interacting directly with the screen.
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