Android app development

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Android phones

As Android is a popular platform in the mobile applications market, Appus team will make your product work on all modern devices. Each application we create supports all OS versions starting from Jelly Bean.

Android tablets

Making apps for Android tablets gives us the opportunity to create the perfect UI for a better user experience than mobiles can provide. Using custom UI material design, we will build a more unique & authentic product feel by building a three-dimensional environment with textures, lights, animations, and shadows.

  • The image of Android tablet screen
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JAVA programming

Appus team uses Java as it is a popular & reliable programming language for producing high-spec responsive apps for Android-based smartphones, implementing custom UI design for tablets, and developing stable mini apps for smartwatches . Another benefit of Java is portability - software written for this platform will run similarly on any combination of hardware & operating systems.

Google Play distribution

When your project is fully completed and tested, we will be glad to place your application on the Google Play store for free! As additional features, our designers can create stylized screen video or screenshots that describe your product.

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