10 reasons why you should choose Appus

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No pre-payments

We don't require pre-payments for our development services. We don't ask you to pay the first invoice until you have seen the first of the work results.

Free quality assurance

Appus Studio provides a high-standard QA services to ensure that your app includes a top-notch user experience & meets highest quality standards. The testing process is free of charge and included in every estimate by default.
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Free project management

Project management services are absolutely free for our customers. Your personal project manager will track the progress on the project, spread the tasks among developers, follow the milestones and will be your direct point of communication with the whole team. In the meantime, payment will go only for the code written by developers. We don't take money for talks.

Free consultations

Our managers provide unlimited, free-of-charge consultations. We understand the importance of communication and we're always glad to set up a video conference via Skype or provide a technical consultation via email. We don't take money for talking!
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Free distribution

Uploading your app to the App Store/Google Play is a free-of-charge service. We can do this from your account, so you don't need to have the technical know-how to publish your app.


We take privacy seriously. We don't use third-party services to manage your project. The app source code will be stored on our dedicated server, with restricted access. The same rule applies to correspondence and any other resources. We don't just sign an NDA, we really think about information security.
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Easy payments

No need for a complicated SWIFT transfer! We accept PayPal payments & credit cards of any kind. Paying us is simple - like buying in an online store. Moreover, you'll get access to a personal page with a history of all payments and a work summary attached to every transaction.

In-house team

We never outsource the projects to third parties. All our developers, testers, graphic designers & managers are located in the same office, which means higher quality and faster turnaround.
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Up to 6-month warranty

We provide up to six-month warranty on our work against possible bugs and errors in the code. If a warranty case occurs, the app will be fixed and re-uploaded to the store at no charge.