Assume, you are formulating your project ideas and requirements, so it’s the best time to think “Where to find developers?”, who will implement all your ideas successfully and become your trustworthy technical partner. What are the top places to find and hire the best freelance developers for your software development projects? Let's attentively look at all possibilities for finding developers.

If someone from your surround had a successful experience of cooperation with software development companies, you can ask them for a piece of advice. Usually, companies have referral programs, which can be cost-profitable for you or someone from your surround. The example of a referral program, that is proposed in our company, you can find below.

Appus Studio referral programm

But what if such acquaintances are absent in your surround? Let’s pay attention, that the choice of a site for searching developers mostly depends on the project complexity and your desire to cooperate with an individual developer or a company. Before asking “Where to find developers?”, ask yourself  “What kind of hire I should make?”. Should it be a full-time employee, freelancer, or a team to hire? The article App Developing Company or Freelancer? will be your support in making the right decision. Before moving forward, explore top locations for hiring an offshore software development team.

Let's look at a few sources, that exist for letting you define where to find the best developers. Among the huge variety of existing web-sources, it could be problematical to determine which one better to choose. Based on our experience, we selected options for the easy developer search. Let’s get it detailed.


Where to find best developers


Where to hire developers? Websites for freelancers


One of the most common answers to the question “Where to find developers?” is freelance sites.

The first site that comes to mind is Upwork. It’s the most famous and largest site for freelancers, which appeared as a result of the merger of oDesk and Elance. But despite Upwork, we will specify resources, which should be useful for you. Other options could be such platforms as Guru, GoLance, and Peopleperhour, which also includes top-ranked freelance sites. Your list of possible platforms to cooperate with should include such platforms as FreelancerAppfutura, and such a talent marketplace as YouTeam, which help to choose the best developers appropriate to your needs.

If your goal is finding the greatest designers, we would suggest paying your attention to such platforms as Behance and Dribbble, which are the most famous platforms to search for talented designers.

AngelList definitely deserves your attention. This site is designed for startups, angel investors, and job seekers. It aims to help startups with their problems in fundraising and finding talented professionals.


Please note, despite the convenience and popularity of freelance sites, it could be problematic to find the right developers. The reason that a lot of developers “attack” your bid and it takes big efforts to find someone to cooperate with. Let’s move further in order to observe other ways to find the best for your project!


Where to find developers? Sites with reviews and feedback!


Websites, where customers leave their reviews and feedback, can be a base for creating a shortlist of top candidates for your project development. In the software development industry, Clutch and GoodFirms are the most popular and influential platforms among others where you can find Top Software Development Companies. There you can find detailed reviews of previous clients, observe examples of previous projects and view how a company is good in quality assurance, their possibilities to meet deadlines and if the development price corresponds to the quality of execution. All these criteria will help to compare costs and time-frame of companies for compiling a top list of potential companies for cooperation.

Also, GoodFirms prepares the rating of firms based on their Web Development/Design skills, Portfolio, and Reviews. Check the list of the TOP web developers in the latest GoodFirms research. As another example, TopAppDevelopmentCompanies site prepares the rating of reliable companies in different countries.

Actually, you can find more platforms with the list of Top iOS/iPhone App Development Companies.


What else? Use LinkedIn to find developers!


It could be an unexpected answer to the question “Where to find developers?”. But we suggest contacting a person, who represents the company you like, in Linkedin. It will definitely help you to set up a warm relationship with your technical partner at the initial stages of cooperation. LinkedIn has become the leader among social networks, that is continuing to rapidly grow. Filters on the site allow selecting companies that match your interests. Then you can directly contact people who represent the development company for asking all the required information. It’s the fastest option for getting to know all details you need to receive about the development process and, also, it allows you to understand if you have a desire to make the business with these people.

Before hiring developers to ask them the next questions, which should be considered during the search process:

  1. Price moment. Ask what is the hourly rate of developers?
  2. Do they have any references from past clients? Ask your developers to share links on applications and show reviews of previous customers.
  3. I want to keep my project and all its data secure. How about security in your company? Do you provide clients with the warranty?
  4. What information do you need from me to start the work? Also, more advice on how better to start your cooperation with IT company you can find by following the link.




It could be confusing to find developers you can trust to work on your project. And the wide range of ways and platforms for searching only complicates the already difficult task. We ask our customers how they found us and which websites for searching developers were the most convenient. We were happy to share with you our knowledge and answered your question "Where to hire developers?" in order to make the search of skilled programmers much easier.