The coronavirus pandemic and the preventive measures to stop it have certainly caused serious damage to the beauty market. Like all other businesses, salons and barbershops had to adapt to the new format of work. Companies rushed to build a barber app or design barbershop website to retain the existing clients and attract new ones. Besides, beauty salons had to actively use existing Internet advertising opportunities to promote their services and products.

At the same time, the beauty industry remains among the world leaders in the number of innovations. Big brands and small businesses successfully implement barbershop management software to increase their audiences. The beauty salons destroy traditional business models and widely use social media networks to boost their growth And recently created Clubhouse is a new online space that can open up multiple marketing opportunities.

What Is Clubhouse?

It a new social network that reached a tenfold increase in the number of users in just two months. Its estimated cost is more than a billion dollars in less than a year since its launch. Clubhouse is rapidly becoming popular around the world, even though access for new users is by invitation only, and the application is available only for iOS. 

The new Clubhouse social network gives live access to current topics and famous speakers and influencers from around the world. There you can listen to a discussion with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or other celebrity. The platform allows you to learn a lot of new things, from bitcoin and startups to the latest trends in the beauty industry. Beauty salons can also use this new channel to increase sales and earn the trust of consumers. But you should design an app for barbers as modern users want to get the information in the fastest way.

How Clubhouse Can Positively Affect the Beauty Industry

How to develop iPhone app for barbershop?

Everyone knows that there are many experienced development agencies on the Internet that will create an application for your business from scratch. But it is also true that such products are very costly. Is there a chance to get your barbershop digitalized and not ruin your budget at the same time? You can breathe with a sigh of relief as there are plenty of such solutions on the market today. Many web agencies offer a ready-to-use application that can be immediately launched for your beauty salon. Moreover, such an app can be fully customized to your business brand, and even some individual features can be added to the software. A classical model of a barbershop application will consist of several panels:

  • An app for users. This is the app part that will be available for download in the app store. All your clients will be able to install it for free and get a direct interaction channel with the barbers. The most attractive feature of this panel is that it offers an online appointment system which saves a lot of time for both clients and masters.
  • A panel for barbers. It automates part of a routine work the barbers face every day. Besides, the arrangement of the working schedule within the app significantly improves the salon’s productivity.
  • A web portal for owners. It allows entrepreneurs to access the inside processes of the barbershop from anywhere in the world. Besides, the app generates all possible reports, allowing the owner to analyze its performance and improve the week sides.

Once you digitize your business, it will be easier to promote your salon on social networks, including Clubhouse. People trust the companies that implement the latest technologies. So if you want to remain competitive, keep up with the times. It will help you widen your client base.