Why should you follow web development trends? That’s not a secret that tendencies in software creation are changing swiftly nowadays. Web development is no exception. Therefore, it’s crucial to have your finger on the pulse of the industry’s beating heart in order to source out web development latest trends (no matter what type of development you dive in), stay key player on the market and meet your customers’ requirements. Here is the list of the trends in software development which will be leading in 2019:


Trend # 1 in web development: Mobile-optimisation


How many times per day do you check your smartphone?

  1. According to The Telegraph research, young people get back to their phones every 8.6 minutes during the day. Also, there is a tendency to stop using computers being outside the office and switch to mobile instead. Therefore, that’s not surprising that website traffic generated through mobile phones continues growing rapidly.  
  2. The statistics show that in 2018 mobile reached 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide, which is more than half of all global web pages served! In 2019 even greater growth is expected.


Website traffic worldwide

Percentage of all global web pages served to mobile phones from 2014 to 2018


The information provided above proves there are plenty of potential visitors of your website who visit your website from mobile phones, so then they can be turned into your regular customers. So, it’s very important for your website to be optimized to the smartphones as well.


Trend #2 in web development: Simplicity


Have you noticed that our attention spans are getting shorter day after day?

  1.   According to the latest research, our attention span dropped down a lot and reached the mark of 8.25 seconds. In comparison with the 9-second span of the average goldfish, that’s surprisingly shocking!
  2. Therefore, in order to catch as more visitors as possible on your website and improve conversion rate, it’s highly recommended to decrease the amount of text on the web page or create even single page website.

Simplicity trend is also applied to the multiple-pages websites, where dynamic pages are suggested to be replaced by static ones and here is why:

  1. Static web pages take less time to be downloaded due to the fact that they are not overloaded with comprehensive navigation.
  2. Another advantage of them that they help visitors to be focused on website content only.  The fact that the majority of the website’s visitors uses mobile devices, where the key navigation method is scrolling, makes single page websites and static web pages even more attractive.


Trend # 3 in web development: Voice search


Voice search usage

Voice search usage on a daily basis


According to the latest statistics, 41 % of adults and 55 % of teenagers use voice search nowadays. In 2016 20 % of all Google search queries in the US were made by voice and there is a prediction that by 2020, the 50 % of textual search requests will be replaced by voice search. Such evolutionary voice search assistants as Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Brixby, etc. have already done a great impact on the variety of industries. For example, their significant role in E-commerce industry can’t be ignored, where their cooperation with predictive analytics helps retailers to foresee the customer’s journey and acquisition pattern. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to implement voice search functionality into your web application, in order to stand out from the competitors and increase your sales. The best is yet to come!


Trend # 4 in web development: Chatbots


Despite the fact, a lot of people in many industries prefer dealing with a real person, while solving their problems, chatbots influence on society these days can’t be underestimated. Based on the recent survey, almost 60 % of clients have already acknowledged chatbots for their constant presence and ability to reply to their inquiries almost immediately. And till 2020 such “human-chatbots interactions” are predicted to increase speedily. That’s why, consider the implementation of chatbot into your web app, which not only helps you to save the cost but also brings more customer engagement and generates more sales, as a result.


Trend # 5 in web development: AR and VR


AR and VR have revolutionized the way people embrace and communicate with the world. AR embellishes reality by adding digital information to it, but the user is still in contact with the real world and interacts with “augmented objects”. In VR, while the user loses the contact with the reality, an absolutely new environment is created, where he is able to get a real feel for the place. In recent years, the popularity of AR and VR implementation in the apps across a variety of industries is spreading around significantly and here is why:

  1. It’s a perfect approach for the business owners to present their product portfolio/services since AR and VR give an opportunity for users to get new and unique experience through their gadgets. The key factor is the fact that the potential customers are able to try what the definite brand produces before buying. As a result, an additional influx of new customers is guaranteed for businesses.
  2. With its ability to expanding user involvement, improving their concentration on work and upgrading their learning ability, AR and VR are being widely used in E-learning industry. For example, plenty of educational and cultural institutions are diving into AR and VR applications.

So, it’s suggested to implement AR or VR technologies into your web application in order to create exclusive content for your customers and take the leading position on the market among your competitors.


In conclusion


Generally speaking about web development trends in 2019 and mobile app design trends of 2019,  none of them can be ignored. Updating your website according to the latest tendencies will help you attract new visitors, turn them into your regular customers and bring an unforgettable experience to them.  The combination of customers’ desires with the latest technology trends will help you stay ahead of the competition and lead towards growth and success!