Why is mobile app event participation a component of a successful mobile app project? Awareness of and adherence to the latest trends in the development and marketing of mobile applications is one of the indicators that your project will be successful and in demand. This list of events in the world of mobile technologies and applications will help you keep up to date and stay on top of the wave.


The Most Popular Mobile App Events for Developers & App Owners in the U.S.


1.   GDC (Game Developers Conference)


Where: San Francisco

When: March 19-23 

Pricing:  149 - 2449

This is a global event in the gaming industry that brings together designers, developers, programmers, artists, and business professionals. The GDC is for learning, inspiration, and networking in the global community of game developers.


2.   DevRel Conference (Developer Relations Conference)

DevRel Conference

Where: California

When: March 26 - 27 

Pricing:  1295 - 3585

This conference touches upon aspects of interaction with developers: recruitment methods, budgeting, confidentiality, etc. Anyone who plans to build mutually beneficial cooperation with developers or improve existing relationships should attend this event.


3.   Mobile + Web DevCon 2018

Mobile+Web DevCon 2018

Where: San Francisco

When: March 

This conference is about the development of mobile applications (iOS, Android, web development, native and cross-platform, user experience, etc.). Here you’ll find the latest trends, best practices, and case studies being discussed. Mobile + Web DevCon is an excellent source of up-to-date and useful information.


4.   App Growth Summit NYC

App Growth Summit 2018

Where: New York 

When: April 5 

The summit focuses on the growth of applications. Dozens of speakers will share their successful experiences and growth strategies for mobile applications.


5.   Mobile Applications Unlocked 2018 - MAU

Mobile Application Unlocked MAU

Where: Las Vegas

When: April 25 - 26 

This is an exceptional event in the mobile industry that brings together more than 2,000 global brands. MAU Vegas 2018 addresses the marketing aspects of the mobile industry. Discover new ideas for your project’s marketing strategy based on the experience of major brands.


6.   DeveloperWeek

Developer Week

Where: New York

When: June 18 - 20 

Pricing:  30 - 395

This is one of the largest conferences and exhibitions in New York in the field of mobile technology.


7.   App Promotion Summit in New York 2018

App Promotion Summit

Where: New York

When: June 28 

Pricing:  500 - 800

This is an interactive conference that focuses on the marketing and promotion of mobile applications and games. Here you will meet leading experts from media companies, application studios, development companies, and well-known brands in the field of marketing.


8.   PostBack 2018

PostBack 2018

Where: Seattle

When: July 17 - 18 

Pricing:  999 - 1699

This event is all about marketing. Develop useful business networks in the marketing world, get acquainted with the world’s key figures in this industry, and hear other’s experience of implementing successful marketing strategies.


9.   Conference TAP 2018

TAP Conference

Where: New York

When: October 4

Pricing:  475 - 675

At this one-day conference on mobile commerce, many components of this sphere are touched upon: content, monetization, trends in mobile commerce, etc.


10.   The Open Mobile Summit 2018

Open Mobile Summit

Where: San Francisco

When: November

Pricing:  1995 - 7000

This is one of the largest and most informative B2C events for specialists in mobile development. Mobile marketing, digital product, UX, and design executives are expected to attend.


The Most Popular Mobile App Events & Conferences in Europe


1.   White Nights

White Nights

Where: Prague, Czech Republic / St. Petersburg, Russia / Moscow, Russia

When: February 13-14 / April 26–27 / October 16–17

This is a business conference for the international gaming industry. This event is aimed at developers and owners of games of any format and for any platform (mobile devices, PC, console, AR & VR, web). It is an excellent opportunity to show your project to a large community of people. Every year more than 4,000 professionals and investors visit the White Nights conference.


2.   Mobile World Congress


Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: 26 Feb - 1 Mar

MWC is one of the largest events in the mobile industry. Organized by GSMA, this large-scale event touches upon the global issues of the mall industry. This is a great place to find ideas for useful and innovative projects.


3.   MobileTech Conference 2018

Conference Mobile Tech

Where: Munich, Germany

When: March 13 - 14

Pricing:  € 494 - 1099

One of the most popular events in the mobile industry among German-speaking countries, the conference brings together professionals from all areas of application development. The main emphasis is on iOS, Android, and cross-platform development. Attend this event and gain new technical knowledge.


4.   App Promotion Summit in London

App Promotion Summit London

Where: London, UK

When: March 22

This is an interactive conference that focuses on the marketing and promotion of mobile applications and games. No frills—everything is compact, clear, and understandable. This event is definitely worth a visit if you want to find new ideas for marketing your project and improving old ones.


5.   CodeMobile 2018


Where: Chester, UK

When: April 2 - 5

Pricing:  £ 90 - 385

CodeMobile was created by developers, and the target audience is indie developers of iOS and Android, so this is ideal for those interested in the technical aspects and issues of coding. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas and build a useful network of professionals in the field.


6.   TargetSummit 2018


Where: Berlin, Germany

When: Summer

This international conference touches on mobile marketing, the promotion of products for mobile devices, and the analysis and development of mobile applications. It provides an excellent opportunity to expand the network of business contacts and hear the opinions of the world’s leaders in the mobile industry.


7.   App Builders 2018

App Builders

Where: Lugano, Switzerland

When: April 16 - 17

Pricing:  CHF 349 - 399

At this mobile technology conference, more than 25 speakers cover the latest trends in Android and iOS development, share their invaluable experience, and discuss the latest advances in Google and Apple technologies.


8.   Casual Connect Europe 2018

Casual Connect

Where: London, UK

When: May 29 - 31

Pricing: £ 195 - 750

A meeting place for professionals in the gaming industry, CCE brings together creativity and business to create popular games. Issues of technology, design, investment, and financing are discussed, so this is an excellent opportunity to find investors inspired by your project.


9.   Apps World Evolution 2018

Apps Word Evolution

Where: London, UK

When: May12 - 14

Apps World is part of the TechXLR8 technology festival, and it is packed with relevant and useful information around the digital world. From technology to marketing and management of high-tech projects, you are sure to find information that will help you optimize your project using innovative technologies of the future.


10.   App Design & Development Conference

App Design & Development Conference

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: July 4 - 6

Pricing:  499 - 1096

This is an international conference for designers and application developers to exchange experience, discuss innovative approaches, and share ideas.


11.   Dmexco 2018


Where: Cologne, Germany

When: September 12 - 13

Aimed at marketing specialists, technologists, and creative personalities in the field of digital marketing, at this conference, you will find discussions of problem areas, new advertising and marketing technologies, best practices, etc.


In Conclusion


We believe these are the most informative and popular events in the community of mobile developers, digital marketers, designers, managers, and owners of digital projects. However, it is not a complete list. For example, the following events are excellent opportunities to obtain useful information, find ideas, learn from professionals, and get acquainted with the experiences of successful brands and projects:

and more…

We hope that you find the best mobile app event for yourself and your project and get the most out of your visit.