App developers are always coming up with newer, innovative applications or apps, which are basically aimed at minimizing the level of human effort required in performing certain day-to-day tasks. It is a common misconception that every app development company designs apps to facilitate mobile phone users because, in reality, entrepreneurs and business owners are the biggest beneficiaries of these apps. That’s because, with help of business-oriented apps, they are able to expand their customer base and also broaden their horizons. This is why we strongly believe that for every business and brand it is very important to design a mobile app so as to keep on flourishing and to keep in line with the ongoing user preferences.  

Another misconception is that restaurants don't need a mobile app and must remain in their brick and mortar premises. In reality, in comparison to all other businesses, it is the restaurant business that needs services of App Development Company.  Ensuring powerful presence online is only possible through developing mobile app. Since this is the digital age, therefore, everything is done online, even food searching and dining options.  After all, a company so well-known and established like Starbucks conducted around 16% of their financial transactions through their mobile app, which means a whopping $1.6 billion was earned through mobile app.  That’s really a figure to ponder on.

So, let’s dig deeper and find out what are the potential benefits of launching a mobile app for restaurants:


Launching Location-Based Deals becomes Convenient

Apps like Boozd (it instantly informs you about which of your friends are out enjoying beverages and drinks at which location/pub) are basically designed to help pub spread word about their latest deals.


app development for restaurants


We simply cannot overlook the significance of location when we own a restaurant because we can only cater to a particular segment of a locality instead of an entire city. This is why mobile app is important because it lets you launch location-based deals quite frequently and conveniently. You can create an app that sends out information about latest deals you offer to mobile phone owners in close proximity of your restaurant. On the other hand, mobile phone users would use your app to find out what is on menu and if you can facilitate dining or take-away in a particular region. Principally, consumers nowadays need instant solution to every query and problem and it seems a hassle to pick up the mobile and make a phone call to the restaurant to get the information.


Win Customer Loyalty

Let’s take the example of Pizza Ranch, which conducted a promotional campaign on Black Friday in 2015 in which they offered double points to their customers who bought food from them that day.  This resulted in 67.6% more business than what they normally receive and improved customer based as well as consumer loyalty. Using your mobile app to inform about latest deals and offers is probably the most useful way to expand customer base and win their loyalty. If your clients start believing that you are offering quality food in low-cost and are quick on offering amazing sales on important holidays then they will be hooked. 


Complete Orders Effortlessly

We do know that fulfilling orders is such a nerve wrecking job. Given the continuous strive for advancements in mobile apps by every single app development company, it is very easy to use your mobile app for fulfilling orders. Mobile apps, in fact, perform a variety of other functions apart from informing clients about your menu. Now, there is no need to hire someone to write down the requirements of a customer on paper and accurately note every demand. With a mobile app, your staff will be able to respond much quicker because they will instantly get to know what the order is and what does client wants. Through in-app payment option, your delivery staff and front desk staff don’t need to worry about billing either. This is particularly important for restaurants offering customized food options because they will be getting all the instructions from a client in a coherent writing style. 


app development for restaurants


Gurmendo is a Turkish app that is designed to satisfy all these needs. 


Targeting Millennials would be Much Easier

If you really want to increase your sales, the Millennials should be your target audience. Although we cannot ignore the fact that your sales would increase across all demographics with mobile apps but it is the millennial market that you must capture. According to a survey by Food Tech Connect, over 98% of 18 to 34-year-olds prefer to make payments through their mobiles, 35% of them prefer placing orders on their smartphones or tablets while 40% specifically rely upon mobile phones for bill payments. This means the Millennials are all out for quick service and instant billing. This is why apps like Boozd are being loved by the Millennials so much. Apple’s iOS app development is particularly important to mention because the company is releasing one useful app after another and hence, millennials are becoming more mobile savvy. Therefore, if you want to increase your sales, try making a mark among the millennials, for which a mobile app would be the best bet.


Improved on-site service

Every app development company aims to create software that can guarantee positive results in the form of improved revenues and success on all fronts. By getting an app developed for your restaurant, you will be able to enhance the overall experience of your customers and improve on-site services too. More importantly, if your restaurant is small and cannot accommodate a lot of people, then does it mean you can stay like this forever without increasing your sales targets? Not at all; you can easily improve your online presence through a mobile app and cater to a larger number of clients through the virtual platform. You may also want to take orders in advance so that when the customer arrives, their food is ready for dining or take away. This way, your carry out customers will not be spending much time inside your small-sized restaurant and you will get to sell more food than you normally do without overcrowding your restaurant.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire an app development company and get ready to earn more and succeed more.