High technologies have penetrated into all spheres of our life long ago. A few years ago, it seemed that only IT companies could work remotely. But the pandemic clearly demonstrated that the digital format is not only about the IT-sphere. Today, everyone should learn to adapt. And whoever does not agree to play according to new rules will become an outsider. Therefore, even rather conservative industries such as real estate went online to protect everyone from unnecessary risk due to the pandemic. Real estate agencies started to transfer a significant part of the processes to an online format using the latest real estate business management software. Let us have a closer look at how these programs work.

Why design app for real estate?

The implementation and use of modern web tools enable a real estate agency not only to promptly communicate with partners and customers in 24/7 mode but also become a powerful driver in increasing the number of deals and sales volumes. And a mobile application is one of such tools that can easily put real estate business online.

Mobile applications significantly optimize the interaction between clients and realtors. The real estate staff receives effective tools for automation and analysis, and potential customers get convenient access to the property database. Management system for real estate has extensive functionality, but the most important features are the following ones:

  • Improved communication with the client within the application. The high-quality apps can integrate telephony, mail, instant messengers, chats. So you get several interaction channels.
  • Arrangement of documents and reports. The system will store the templates of all the documentation required for the deal as well as the copies of all the concluded deals. The app will allow you to generate reports on the overall performance of the business.
  • Automated workflow and planning. Mobile application helps optimize working time and increase productivity. Realtors will not miss any appointments and will immediately see all requests from clients.

No company can avoid digitalization if they want to survive in today’s environment. But with the help of an app, you can manage your interaction with the customers at a decent level.

how to create a real estate mobile app

How to create a real estate mobile app?

Many real estate agencies are postponing the introduction of digital products since development is a very expensive item of expenditure. The modern market has various solutions for such a situation. You may start with ready-to-use software and gradually upgrade it. Nowadays, you will find many real estate applications that can be successfully adapted to your business. Buying a ready app does not require burdening investments and devoid you of the necessity to wait for a few months. A standard real estate application is designed with individual panels for all involved parties:

  • A portal for clients. It contains a database with all property objects, search engine, and at least one communication channel for instant exchange of messages;
  • A panel for realtors. The agency staff will get an efficient tool for automating their routine processes. It will allow them to increase productivity and boost the number of deals;
  • A web portal for agency owners. The app is a perfect tool to control the business at all stages. It will allow you to identify weak areas in the agency set up and improve them.

Summing up the above, the timely investment in the mobile app will allow you to continue work even in such restricted conditions as social distancing. Besides, this approach will optimize your business and move to a new quality level.