The new generation of Apple smartphone will be called, unsurprisingly, the iPhone 8. This time around, we’ll see some changes in the device design that will not follow in the steps of the iPhone 7S. The iPhone 8 is slated to debut on September 12 or 13, but the release date is more likely to occur on September 22 or 23, although some online sources are predicting October–November.

Let’s start our review of the iPhone 8.




The display of iPhone 8


It will see some changes. First, according to rumors the company will introduce the iPhone 8 OLED panels, which will give more contrast to the image. Second, the new display will support True Tone technology, just like the iPad Pro 9.7", which is responsible for adjusting the backlight temperature according to the brightness of the ambient light. 3D Touch will not change—it’s a useful feature of the smartphone and its crowning attribute.

Probably, the display size in the iPhone 8 may increase so that the side frames disappear, and some even say that the display will occupy the entire front panel. In any case, new displays will consume less energy and will display more clearly with a brighter and better contrasting picture. Technology does not stand still. In every new iPhone. Apple changes almost all of the details to more modern upgrades and uses more advanced technologies.

Hottest leaks:

  • No home button & no bezel.
  • A curved AMOLED display.
  • A 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen.




The picture of iPhone 8 design


The design of the iPhone 8 needs to change if it’s going to be something new and more modern because the iPhone 7 was not much different from the design we saw in its predecessor, the iPhone 6. Perhaps this time the provider will come up with something new. It can make the new smartphone's case from other materials since the current aluminum does not allow for wireless charging. Non-contact charging has long been available with other smartphones and must appear in the iPhone eventually. After all, the company proclaims that it makes life easier! Well, finally save us from all the wires! The 3.5 mm was gotten rid of—next in line: lightning. This smartphone should be completely wireless & a stand-alone device. And most importantly, the new product should be completely waterproof & dustproof.

Hottest leaks:

  • Smaller models will have fewer changes.
  • A curved glass back will be available instead of aluminum.




The picture of A11 processor



The new product will be equipped with a top-of-the-line 4-core A11 processor with a frequency of<2.0 GHz. The new processor will be executed on a 10-nanometer FinFET technical process from foundry company TSMC. Also, the iPhone 8 will have a built-in coprocessor processing movements M11. The graphics processor will be 6-core and, as always, from the company PowerVR.



The memory will be 3 GB and 4 GB LPDDR4 I Plus version. New hardware can accelerate the work of the camera device as well as the whole operation of the entire device. “Iron” on iPhone 8 will be able to run the most advanced & resource-intensive games.



The new iPhone, in the minimum configuration, will have 64 GB of memory; in the middle - 128; and at the maximum - 256. There will be no more memory available because the company does not like to hurry with the introduction of more memory into its gadgets.


Battery and wireless charger

The battery for the new product will have a capacity of ~ 2350 mAh. But such a battery can be if you follow the logic of Apple. Perhaps by 2017, the company will come up with a new battery that has a larger capacity, a faster charge, and colossally small dimensions so that the new iPhones are even thinner.

In the iPhone 8, the wireless charging function may be built in. Other smartphone manufacturers have long had such a useful feature, but the iPhone does not. Why? Aluminum does not allow the correct waves to charge the battery. Perhaps Apple will make its new offspring out of glass or ceramic like the Apple Watch Series 2 Edition, & then the wireless charging function can also be used in the iPhone 8! And if the new iPhone is equipped with such features, then you can safely abandon the lightning connector. Once the iPhone is completely without connectors, it will significantly increase its water permeability.

Hottest leaks:

  • Two batteries.
  • Fast charging.
  • Wireless charging—finally.



The picture of iPhone 8 camera


In every new generation of iPhone, Apple improves its camera. In the past reiteration, the iPhone 7 has a built-in dual camera, which provides depth and blur, as well as a 2x optical zoom. Probably, the new iPhone 8 will make any real changes to the camera but will simply perfect the existing one. We will wait for a better background blur on the photos, an optical zoom of 4x, and of course, an improvement in the quality of the picture (chroma and clarity). Perhaps the camera in the iPhone 8 will receive 16 megapixels.

Hottest leaks:

  • A vertically-oriented dual-camera lens.
  • 3D cameras.
  • Augmented reality features.




The picture of extra features of iPhone 8


In addition, the new smartphone will be equipped with a protection function to protect against unauthorized access using the iris reader and face contours in addition to the traditional fingerprint reader.

Moreover, the internal memory of the iPhone 8 will be built on NAND technology, with faster data transfer. This chip is already used in the latest models of the iPad Pro with 256 gigabytes.

Hottest leaks:

  • New sensing technology.
  • A smart connector.
  • An iris scanner.
  • Free AirPods?


Let’s summarize


To summarize all of the above, we will give some brief technical characteristics:


5.8 inches, technology OLED, 3D Touch



A tiny 10nm A11 Fusion chipset



Memory, GB

64, 128, 256


2350 mAh and 3550 mAh in Plus, wireless charging, two batteries


143.4×70.77×7.51 mm




16 MP, 4x optical zoom




The iPhone 8 can get a record price for Apple’s smartphones. Analysts believe that the company will price a basic version of the iPhone 8 at more than $1,000.
However, there is no confirmed information about the cost of the iPhone 8 at this time. One thing is clear though: The flagship Apple smartphone will no doubt become the most expensive iPhone and, most likely, the most expensive new phone in 2017. 


In conclusion


All of this is only a guess based on rumors and the opinions of experts. What the new Apple smartphone will actually be like, what it will look like, and what features the iPhone 8 will have will not be known until after its release. We hope that we will not have to wait too long, and we will then return to this discussion based on practical experience.