With the release of the iPhone 7 just around the corner, the hype surrounding Apple’s latest product is at an all-time high. The loyalists and fans are already lining up in anticipation and are eager to get their hands on this wonderful piece of technology. Just like every other time, Apple has tried to keep a lid on all the details surrounding the iPhone 7, prompting speculation from the analysts and consumers alike.


iPhone 7 new features


While the surprise still awaits here is what has been established up till yet:

  • The A10 processor is going to be much faster than all the previous ones.
  • Its storage capacity will range between 32GB to 256GB.
  • Will be launched along with iOS 10.
  • Initial release date can be either on September 16 or September 23rd.
  • There is not going to be a headphone jack built in the device.

When it comes to mobile app developers, the phone seems like a treat. We have already seen apps like Prisma becoming massively popular all over the world, and with the iPhone 7’s new features, many more such interesting applications can be developed. Apple has announced that the smartphone will be unveiled at its launch event on September 7, and as per custom, the product is going to hit the market a few weeks from then.


New Features & Hottest facts about iPhone 7



  • 32 GB - $649 / £599 / AU$1,079
  • 128 GB - $749 / £699 / AU$1,229
  • 256 GB - $849 / £799 / AU$1,379 


  • water & dust resistance;
  • Black &Jet Black colors;
  • camera bump.

Headphone jack

  • headphone jack - No;
  • adaptor for standard headphones - in the box;
  • lightning EarPods - in the box;
  • wireless AirPods - at extra cost.


  • front camera - 7 MP;
  • rear sensor - 12 MP, single-lens, larger;
  • 60% faster, 50% more light, 30% more power efficient, raw support. 


  • 2 hours more life;
  • best battery life. 


  • 1334x750 resolution;
  • 4.7-inch;
  • 25% brighter.

OS & Powder

  • iOS 10;
  • 64-bit A10 Fusion chip;
  • four-core.

Home button

  • taptic feedback;
  • pressure-sensitive button.


As yet, only some features of the new iPhone 7 have been revealed. This iPhone development has taken the tech world by storm and everyone is waiting to know more. The pressure sensitive home button, wireless headphones and a better, upgraded camera which is said to specific to this model, are said to be prominent selling points of this phone. People in the tech industry have even gone as far as to say that Apple is not going to call this device the iPhone 7, keeping that for the coming year.

This new phone could possibly be named as the iPhone 6SE. Despite that, we know that the phone is going to physically resemble its predecessor and boast a 4.7 to 5.5 inch screen.


iPhone7 screen size


What is most interesting about this new phone is the removal of the traditional headphone jack. Instead of connecting the headphones to their devices, users will now be able to enjoy earphones which can be inserted into the phone’s lightning port. These wireless AirPods are going to be powered by a specific WI chip and have infrared sensors which will detect when motion and voice.

These earphones come with a compact charging case and have a battery life of almost twenty-four hours. This means that users can enjoy music, videos, games or any other entertainment activity for five straight hours.


iPhone 7 headphones


It is being reported that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is going to feature stereo speakers for the first time ever. Apart from that, the upgraded camera has been designed to take sharper and clearer pictures, and work around with low light as well. The 4.7 screen handset will feature a camera that has a new sensor and is more energy efficient, while the 5.5 screen inch handset is going to have a dual lens camera.

Till the phone is officially on the market, Apple enthusiasts are just going to have to wait for the event and find out what the company has in store for them.


Pros & Cons of new Apple device


Now let us consider possible pros & cons of iPhone 7.



  • Dual camera: better zooming, better depth of the field. 
  • 2 extra LED lights & upgraded secondary camera.
  • The process of photo compressing & processing has been modified.
  • Water and dust resistance.
  • Wireless headphone feature.
  • Updated Siri.


  • AirPods: to small size 16.5*18*40.5 mm.
  • Lightning port: more slowly charge.
  • Battery: new features would eat up more power.
  • Bend gate- possible con.


Well, the real picture of iPhone 7 use we will see very soon. So let's wait!