Last year, the pandemic changed a usual setup of life. Everyone was forced to evaluate a new reality from a different perspective. Businesses had to either close or remodel their activities and adapt to new requirements. And it turned out that quarantine is not only a check of companies for the effectiveness of their routine processes but also a test for the use of digital technologies.

In general, despite social distancing and other restrictions, the real estate market remains active. People always need to buy a home, rent an apartment or move. But this industry also had to rethink and rearrange their usual services. And it was the introduction of a real estate management system that helped them switch to telecommuting and establish remote consultations and processing of the deals.

How to Digitize Real Estate Agency?

The first and most important condition for remote work is to establish effective communication between all involved parties. To ensure it, you will not cope without a mobile app builder for real estate that provides the ability to work directly with customers and quickly exchange information without losing control over the data. Modern applications can easily manage this task.  Moreover, this software will provide a lot of additional features to simplify the everyday work of a real estate agency.

  • Quick access to the property object database. Most people use smartphones. The application allows them to view information on property objects at any time and from any location.
  • Offline access. To access the website, you need an Internet connection. With the application, everything is easier. You can access information even offline. An internet connection is required to update them.
  • Convenient communication. Applications can be integrated with messengers. It provides improved interaction between realtors and potential clients.
  • Advanced functionality. Apps often include additional options that enhance user experience. For example, a mortgage calculator, regular updates, online chats. 
  • Search engine. The clients will not have to browse the whole database. It is enough to set the necessary filters, and the app will revert with the most relevant options.   
  • Push notification. This feature makes it more convenient to follow the updates. Moreover, some applications notify the user when a new offer is available.

How to Build Mobile App for Real Estate?

There are two ways to put real estate business online. You can either order individual app development. In this case, you will get an exclusive product, but it will have a high price tag. Or you can use a ready application template and customize it to your needs. The benefits of the latter options are obvious – you can start using the soft immediately, and the cost is always very affordable.

The ready-to-use solutions are not inferior to individually created programs. Usually, they have all the crucial features needed for the efficient performance of a real estate agency. Moreover, you can ask the developers to create additional features. These products are multi-component and have separate portals for business owners, real estate agents, and customers. The application will allow users to access the property catalog, filter the search, and get in touch with the realtors. The real estate agents will have the information on all requests, meetings, and deals at hand 24/7. And the owners will easily monitor the overall business performance.

As you see, real estate business management software will let you painlessly continue work even in restricted conditions. So it is the right time to give it a try.