The beauty services market is oversaturated. So if you want your beauty salon to bring a steady profit, you need to work hard on its promotion. Nowadays, people try to find as much information as possible about the services before paying for them. They look for companies on the Internet and social networks. Your potential clients will definitely study the portfolio of your salon’s works, read reviews. And only after comparing several options, they will make a decision on which beauty salon to visit. It means you need to work out a digital plan to attract visitors. And a barber mobile app can make this task much easier.

4 vital marketing steps for your salon

Every beauty salon is an individual project that may require some specific marketing tools. But there are some common recommendations that will allow you to get new customers from the Internet if you implement them correctly.

Analyze your competitors. You should be able to assess the general picture of the market and have a clear understanding of what is in demand now. You will have to track trends, filter out unnecessary services, find the most effective techniques your customer use. Based on these findings, you can create salon service products that are demanded by the market at the moment.

Create barbershop website. Most beauty salon owners neglect it. But it is a big mistake, as in 90% of cases, people use the Internet when looking for a new beauty salon. Your own website will attract more users to your salon. And if you add SEO optimization to it, the users will see it at the top of their search results.

Implement SMM strategy. This promotion stage includes a variety of methods to attract attention to your beauty salon on social networks:

  • You can offer discounts and gift certificates for certain activities, for example, for the first or tenth visit;
  • Ask your clients to participate in advertising. For example, your client can share a photo of your barbers’ works and tag your salon;
  • Use geo-targeting to increase the subscriber base of your salon.
  • Use push-up notifications. As statistics show, these short messages effectively maintain customer engagement.

Design an app for barbershop. Not all customers spend enough time at their computers to follow the updates on your website. People are becoming increasingly mobile, and the ability to reach your clients via smartphone will strengthen your position.

design an app for barbershop

Where to get mobile app for barbers?

If you dream to digitize the beauty business, you can do it even tomorrow. Everything is much simpler than you think. You only have to select a ready program from those available on the market. There are many applications that can be customized to your needs in the shortest possible time. You do not have to pay for individual development. Besides being a powerful marketing instrument, barbershop software has a lot of other advantages:

  • The online appointment system will optimize barbers’ schedule and reduce no-shows;
  • It will allow you to launch a customer loyalty program;
  • It will increase the customer base, boost sales of services and related products.
  • You will have a direct communication channel with your customers.

The promotion of your business is time taking process, and with the application, you will be able to achieve noticeable results much faster. Ready-to-use barbershop software can be fully adapted to the customer needs. You can even add specific features to the menu. You also get full technical support of the app and free upgrades. And if your salon is doing well now, implement an app to make its performance even better.