In this world, nothing is granted. Every victory, every little step ahead is the result of hard work and perseverance. One can never rely on hope as only persistent work can bear great results. Here at Appus Studio we know these truths firsthand. Every project we are engaged in requires proper management and experienced 
professionals. It is thanks to the hard work, dedication and trust among team members we create high-quality applications. And that's why, for our love for what we do, for continuous improvement and, of course, for our work in the field of mobile development, our company was named the best among iPhone app developers in 2021 according to

Our company has been in the market for over ten years. Since its inception, the foundation has been laid for growth and improvement, which has allowed us to be a leading mobile developer for a long time. The award that we received is not a matter of luck or an accident. It is the result of our hard work. When you follow your goals relentlessly, rewards like this become a pattern, indicating that you are on the right path.

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Obviously, we're not going to stop there. We keep going forward and getting better every year. Our company is constantly exploring new opportunities to be on the cutting edge of mobile development. This way, we learned about Flutter framework a few years ago, which was only gaining popularity at the time. Our experts were watching its development and they started using it as soon as they got a chance. We have been familiar with the framework since the release of the first version and make first-class projects using this technology, having more than a dozen completed projects.

Our growth and diligence allowed us to pursue internal projects as well. At the moment, Barbershop application is in the final stage of development. It is written in Flutter, which means it will be released simultaneously on both iOS and Android. It greatly simplifies the administration and management of hairdressing salons, as well as customer registration and brand awareness. Thanks to the individual approach, we can offer a unique solution for any business in this domain.

We have come a long way, going through obstacles and solving difficult problems, overcoming all failures with confidence. We have not only remained true to our goal, but also continue to get better every year. This course will never change, because being the best is one of the main principles of our company.