The year 2017 was an interesting year full of events and changes. The past year was a year of changes, and it is always hard to make change. The Appus team made many changes in order to start a new round of development in the company. The concepts of working with clients, development strategies, external and internal priorities were all revised. We took a big and confident step forward.


Appus Studio Results in 2017


What was significant for us in 2017? Undoubtedly, our most valuable achievements are satisfied customers, new and interesting projects, and a professional team. We summed up our accomplishments, and here’s what we got:

  1. Appus Studio is recognized as one of the top companies in Ukraine, according to several authoritative and new B2B and research platforms, such as GoodFirms, Applancer, TopAgency, and MobileDeveloper.
  2. We have launched a new website. We developed and implemented our own platform for the generation and management of leads and contacts and also implemented a handy calculator for estimating the cost of applications. There is still a lot of work that needs to go into implementing new ideas and improving those that are already working. There is no limit to perfection.
  3. Representatives of our company visited the international Unified Expo 2017 exhibition in California in the U.S. At the exhibition, we presented a prototype application for supermarkets and buyers that uses the advantages of AR and 3D modeling.
  4. We expanded our training center and made an internship available for sales managers with a scholarship and subsequent employment. The most promising and active young specialists joined our company.
  5. Our team has created more than 20 new applications. We spent more than 70,000 hours and completed more than 15,000 tasks for the development, administration, and management of projects.

This year our team showed good results not only at work but also at play:

  1. The Appus soccer team took fourth place in the IT league championship. A total of 10 teams participated.
  2. Our runners took third place in the Kharkov marathon in the category of Running IT.
  3. We held several domestic Xbox Kinect championships, including tennis, foosball, and paintball. We also spent a lot of time playing various sports at corporate events. What characterizes Appus is that we are a cohesive team with a healthy spirit.


Looking back, we can say that despite the tension of the year, we coped with the major changes our team underwent and we reached a new level. The year 2017 has become a powerful impetus for rapid development, and we will keep pace to do our best for our customers in the year to come.