The year 2018 is over, and as we traditionally do, we will summarize the results of our work over the past year. This year was both intense and interesting. The innovations and new work concepts that were launched in 2017 began to bear fruit. In 2017 we made a confident first step forward, but in 2018 we boldly and firmly walked toward our goals.



What did we accomplish in 2018? Definitely, our most valuable achievements are our satisfied customers, new and interesting projects, and a growing professional team. We have also become more united in our goals and have developed our friendships with one another. This is clearly demonstrated by our achievements in our work as well as our activities during the team’s off hours. Let’s summarize the year 2018:

  1. Appus Studio is recognized as one of the best Ukrainian mobile application development companies, according to several reputable B2B and research platforms, such as GoodFirms, AppFutura, Business of Apps, TopDevelopers, and TopAppDevelopmentCompanies. Our team was also TOP rated on Upwork. We have become one of the 10 reliable and recommended partners for YouTeam, a developing and innovative marketplace, as well.
  2. Thanks to our new approach to the organization of sales and customer service, we have significantly increased our project portfolio and number of clients.
  3. We tried a fundamentally new practice for our team when dealing with existing and potential customers. Representatives of Appus traveled more than 10,000 km across Europe and held more than 100 meetings with our European colleagues.
  4. Our team has grown by 21 qualified specialists. Not only has the number of specialists on the team grown but so has the level of professionalism. This is evidenced by the fact that some of them have become mentors, speakers, and participants at many significant IT events. We have unique knowledge that we are ready to share with our colleagues.
  5. We have mastered the new technologies and introduced this knowledge and these skills in our new projects.
  6. In total, our team created more than 25 new applications in 2018. The staff worked more than 75,000 hours and completed more than 16,000 tasks for the development, administration, and management of projects.

The result of our team’s leisure activities is also impressive:

  1. Four internal office sports championships (table football, air hockey, Xbox Kinect, and table tennis) were held. Our team also took part in the annual Kharkiv marathon.
  2. There were several unforgettable corporate events.
  3. Our team’s cohesiveness can be clearly seen in the time that they spend together, and they spend their free time playing Mafia, poker, Alias, Truth or Dare, etc.

2018 was a wonderful year, rich in events and changes. There were some downs, but there were many more ups and pleasant moments. As a result, we worked efficiently and took several confident steps toward our goals. We will continue to keep pace, and as always, we will do our best for our clients and our team.