Very often, our clients and partners ask us how to reduce the costs of mobile app development while cooperating with app development companies. This is not just an issue for people who want to spend less money; it's a matter of wise and good leaders, investors, start-up professionals, and businessmen. We understand and respect the desire of our customers to optimize their expenses, because it demonstrates that we cooperate with exceptional and experienced people.

In fact, there are different approaches to this issue, from optimizing the product itself and reducing the development time and costs to different discounts and coupons, such as the coupon system that we use among our clients.

However, today we will focus on the most organic method, which does not require additional knowledge, skills, or effort – partnership or referral cooperation.


Partnering with Appus Is One Way You Can Earn or Save on App Development


The models of partnership with Appus Studio


Referral partnering is the ability to receive passive income, save money on the creation of products with Appus, or earn money with the help of specialists.

We offer two cooperation schemes or two types of referral partnerships. We call them Referral Cooperation and Mediation. Both options for cooperation are profitable, and you can choose either of them or use both for different projects. The implementation and practice of working on these schemes is time-tested and implemented in our own Corporate Management System (Corporate). Corporate allows you to automate the process of accounting, settlement, and payments.

Let me describe the difference between these schemes of referral cooperation with Appus.


Referral Cooperation with Appus Studio

Referral Cooperation with Appus Studio

"Referral cooperation" means that if a client (whom you introduce to us, we sign an agreement with, and start a project) pays Appus on a pay-per-milestone basis, you'll automatically receive your fee after each project's milestone is paid. That is, our system automatically sends your money to your account in the Corporate system. It's an easy and secure way to receive referral compensation because you shouldn't have to manage each project by yourself (it usually takes a lot of effort); instead, you will receive money from us on a regular basis.

The scheme of cooperation on the Referral Program is simple:

  1. You recommend our app development services to your partners, acquaintances, friends, and people who are interested in creating their own product.
  2. You provide us with information about the potential client in any convenient way for you (email, Skype, etc.).
  3. We provide consultation, estimation, and other activities prior to development.
  4. The client signs an agreement with us, and we start work on the project.
  5. You are given access to our Corporate system, where you can monitor your referral payments and transfer them. You will receive your reward after each tranche of the project until we and the client entirely fulfill our obligations.


This is advantageous for:

  • Clients who have worked with us and recommend us as a provider
  • Customers who have worked with us for a long time and trust in our creation of their products
  • Start-ups, business and related professionals, and other people who simply suggested our services and we began working with the client based on their recommendations


Naturally, the payment of referral remuneration occurs after payment by the client, who is working with us on your recommendation, for the milestone on the project. Payments stop when the client completes the final settlement of the project.

Important! We don't focus on the project but on the client. This means that if you bring a client to Appus Studio, you will not only receive a referral reward on the first project of the client but on the subsequent projects as well.

Therefore, you will be able to receive a passive income of up to 3% of each customer payment just for recommending us as a mobile and web application developer. For reference, the cost of projects starts at $5,000 and can sometimes exceed $50,000.


Mediator Cooperation with Appus Studio

Mediator Cooperation with Appus Studio

"Mediator cooperation" means that you can personally make an agreement with your clients. This is actually an outsourcing model. You sign your agreement with your client based on your rates and manage the project throughout the process of development. We estimate the project cost based on our average rate of $27-30 per hour and provide you with a proposal that includes project milestones, concrete timelines, and an exact price.

In this way, you delegate the product development to us. We don’t actually interact with your client. He does not contact us, and we do not contact him. This type of collaboration is quite effective. In this style, you will manage each project yourself, report to the client, and show him our development achievements.

From you, we need detailed project documentation with the requirements and a fixed-rate contract with us at our rate of $25-30 per hour.

The scheme of cooperation on the Mediator Program is simple:

  1. You have a project, but there is not enough technical basis for its implementation, or all your specialists are engaged in other projects.
  2. You make an estimation of the project and sign an agreement with your clients according to your rates and your conditions, which are not relevant to us.
  3. You provide us project documentation, we discuss the terms and conditions of the project and establish a fixed-cost contract at a rate of $27-30 per hour, which includes project milestones and a detailed description of each function.
  4. During the development process, we communicate only with you or your specialists. You independently demonstrate the results of the work to your client and personally manage the project.
  5. At the end of the project, you will receive the full payment from your client at your rate and pay our services (more often, we schedule payments after each milestone of the project).


Who benefits:

  • Large, medium, and small companies working in the IT field
  • Freelancers and specialists - developers of web and mobile applications
  • Companies, individual specialists, or freelancers who have technical knowledge but lack the necessary technical basis for developing a specific project
  • Companies that have many projects but not enough specialists to finish them in a timely manner
  • Companies that want to expand their capacity and attract more customers.

In this case, we bear full responsibility for the quality of our work. For us, you are not an intermediary but a full client. Also, for all projects, we provide a warranty of up to 12 months for our work.


We hope that you find our proposal promising, because you shouldn’t lose another dollar. Instead, increase your own capital with the help of our experienced developers and specialists!