This year has been difficult for everyone. We, like any other company, have gone through several stages of fighting the pandemic - working remotely, keeping our own distance, banning handshakes. Until now, most of our developers prefer to work from home to reduce risk and not get sick during this difficult time. However, this did not stop us from  keeping the bar as the best mobile development team and keep getting better. We overcame the complexity of communication among the team and were able not  only to maintain a high quality of work, but also to conquer new heights in the field of mobile development.

Appus Studio was chosen first in the list of Leading App Developers in Ukraine and Best Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine for a reason. We have overcome many difficulties and obstacles on the way to this. Each of our developers tried to get better in order to benefit the company and themselves. The company, in turn, also did not stand aside and helped its employees in difficult times: encouraged them, organized English courses and much more. Precisely because everyone in the company cares about the quality of the products we make, and because the company cares about each of its employees, we were able to become the best. This is what allows us to create such high-quality and high-quality applications.

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In addition, our professionalism and refinement of work allowed us to devote time to our internal projects. Some developers have focused on a few corporate products like Barbershop Software Set. Barbershop Software Set will boost and automate any beauty business and will allow many hairdressers to increase their profits and significantly simplify their communication with customers. Our development team is at the final stage of development and the application will be released very soon.

Barbershop Software set, like many other software products, is developed using the Flutter framework. Our specialists constantly pay attention to young and promising technologies in order to use them in development. This is exactly what happened with Flutter - from the moment its alpha version was released, the company followed its development, and then, when its stable version came out, began to use it in software development. This allowed us at the moment to have significant experience in using this technology and make excellent mobile applications on two platforms at once.

Thus, we are absolutely sure that this award is deservedly received, and we won’t only stop there, but will continue to develop in this area and try to get better. We always compare ourselves at the current moment to ourselves in the past and do everything possible to become better. We will make our applications even better and will not go out of our way.