Appus Studio is proud to announce that we were included in a press release consisting of the leading app development service providers in the industry

Appus Studio was created with a dream of assembling the best minds in the IT industry who will deliver amazing results for the clients. It is due to the zeal and commitment of these bright minds that we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the top mobile app development companies in the world.

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Customer success story

Plant ID

Gardening is an art as well as a science. Many plant lovers face the issue of not having accurate information about plants. Plant ID is an app that fills in this gap. The app provides trustworthy information to users about any tree or flower that they are interested in. The app has a huge database of thousands of flowers, trees, and plants and allows the users to identify any form of tree/flower/plant in a matter of seconds. When the user snaps a photo of the plant, the app displays valuable information like how to plant, grow and take care of the plant in question directly to the user’s screen. We were excited to be part of such a wonderful project. Our team went straight to work and built a complex yet simple-to-use app. The client appreciated the end result and gave the following feedback.

“My experience while working with Appus was very good, they always offered a quick response and were quick to resolve any problem we would have and provided overall great assistance, Olga, in particular, was always available for any inquiry I might have, would definitely work with Appus again.”

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We are thankful to the team at for considering us for an accolade for the second time. Earlier the same team had selected us amongst the best mobile app developers in Ukraine.  

When you visit Appus Studio’s profile on, please do read the interview of our CEO, Dmitry Mikheev. In the interview, he has shared his experience with Appus Studio and what he thinks about the industry’s future.

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