We are Appus Studio, the company producing the Barbershop managing tool for beauty salons, barbershops, nail studios, and lots of different establishments providing beauty services. You can learn about this mind-blowing set in the article Top Features of the Barbershop Set if you haven’t done it before.

Now that you know everything about the product, let us show you several reasons why choosing the Barbershop Set is the best possible solution for growing your business.

Experience is key

Our team is one of the most experienced on the market. Flutter, the technology the Barbershop Set is created with is relevantly new, but we already consider ourselves professionals. This claim is also supported by TopDevelopers.co, by putting Appus Studio on the list of Top Flutter Developer Companies in May 2020, and we have only grown since then. Our phenomenal experience allows us to foresee all the difficulties and prevent them beforehand, significantly increasing the quality of the product released.

The team has all the specialists to make sure the product we are providing is the best quality. We are using Agile to spot and get rid of all the mistakes fast, and add new functionality more efficiently, to be able to provide the finest product possible to our customers. Everyone is personally interested in it, since the Barbershop Set represents our reputation and general image, and we are only looking for opportunities to grow.

using Agile to spot and get

Choose what’s right for you

We are trying to make our product as customer-oriented as possible so we decided to let our customers choose what product they would like to purchase, and the ones they don’t want to have included in the Barbershop Set. What we are giving is a basic set of functions and a possibility to add up the ones our customer prefers from a long list, starting from additional profiles, and up to Masters personal portfolios. We believe this is a great way for our customers to see the product they are purchasing from different perspectives and adjust it to their personal needs any time with a few clicks.

A first-hand product

Our team is the one producing the product, and not distributed, which leads to the following benefits:

  • We know the product in every tiny detail since we have created all of them ourselves. Every question or concern that you have - we already have a solution.
  • There is no additional charge for distributing the product or developing from scratch - the financial benefit is a big deal and we make sure that our customers don’t throw good money after bad.
  • Since we are the ones producing the product, we take full responsibility for the quality of it, unlike it happens with the distributing companies.

Appus team is happy to answer all your questions about this product in case you have them, in case you have them, please don’t hesitate and contact us:

We believe in modern mutually advantageous business, so we make sure that distributing our Barbershop Set is beneficial for both parties. A pleased customer for us is our reputation, earnings, and great reviews of the Appus team. For our customers working with us are stability and pure professionalism.