That’s an urgent matter for every business person to get paid for the work which has been done and keep track of the invoicing. Moreover, the cult of busyness doesn’t give a chance to an entrepreneur to stay near the desktop all the time. By providing the ability to send the invoices to your customers straight from the mobile device and getting payments from them in one click, mobile invoicing simplifies the billing process a lot. Therefore, its implementation in the business is getting more and more relevant.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using mobile invoices and why you should consider applying them to your business.


Benefit # 1 of using mobile invoicing: it saves your time and money.

Mobile invoicing Benefit #1

Nowadays everybody constantly has their smartphones in their hands. Since with the usage of mobile invoicing all payment data are stored in a unified location, neither you nor your clients should sit in front of the computers in order to create, send, receive, check and cover the invoice. So, you can do billing no matter where you are, while your customers can release the funds in a much easier and faster way.

As soon as the service is done, you can send the mobile invoices immediately from your mobile device. This would leave you more time to get concentrated on other crucial tasks and expand your business.  

Furthermore, you don’t need to spend your funds for paper, printing, scanning and delivery services anymore, which also will help to save some costs.  


Benefit # 2 of using mobile invoicing: it speeds up the billing process.

Mobile invoicing Beenefit #2

Due to the fact that with mobiles invoicing integration, the process of sending and acceptance bills becomes more rapid, the setback in payments will be eliminated a lot. Moreover, you’re be notified straight away about any updates regarding the invoices (as soon as it is viewed, paid, etc.) and customers get reminders about new invoices and if they have any outstanding balance. Upon your desire, you can set up the automatic reminders to the customers until the invoice wouldn’t be covered.

Also, if your business has weekly, monthly or yearly subscription plan or, for example, you provide some services to the customers on the permanent basis and price for them is the same for each period of time. In such a case, it makes sense to arrange the invoice sending process automatically. Taking all facts into the account,  it speeds up the payment process a lot.


Benefit # 3 of using mobile invoicing: it strengthens the relationships between you and your customers.

Mobile invoicing Benefit #3

Along with giving a possibility to acquire the information about the payments from anywhere anytime, mobile invoicing also allows keeping all information about the payments in one place safely and securely.  Moreover, since automated reminders and notifications are installed, no more irritating mails and phone calls are needed and, therefore, customer satisfaction improves a lot.

All these factors inspire more trust and confidence between the client and the vendor and help them in building deep-rooted relationships.


Benefit # 4 of using mobile invoicing: it simplifies the accounting department’s work.

Mobile invoicing Benefit #4

The application of the mobile invoicing helps to make the accounting work more organized. The invoices are never missed and forgotten to be sent. Automatic reminders and notifications increase the chances that you’ll be paid without delays. Notwithstanding, mobile invoicing helps not only systematize the storage and sorting of the invoices but also simplify the calculations, analytics and statistics.

Since paper-based invoices aren’t used anymore, you’ll never get complaints from the clients that invoices are blurred or hard to read. So, the accountants won’t be swamped with additional work, their stress level will facilitate and they save themselves a headache.


Benefit # 5 of using mobile invoicing: it collects the signatures and producing receipts right after the transaction.

Mobile invoicing Benefit #4

The integration of mobile invoicing functionality brings a lot of comfort to both, customers’ and business’ life. It gives a possibility to sign and give away receipts immediately by using a finger or stylus recognition. In such a way, not only your time is saved, but somebody’s neck as well, in case if the payment needs to be approved and permitted instantly.

Also, if you need to print the receipt or send it to your customers, it can be completed within a few seconds with just pressing a button.


In conclusion


It’s well-known fact that current entrepreneurs can’t spend every single minute in front of their computers, but need to control their financial operations regularly (especially covering the invoices for the services they provide). The implementation of mobile invoicing software makes it possible for business owners to manage their billing process remotely, saving their time and money and making the accountant work more organized and less complicated.

Thinking about using mobile invoicing functionality in your business and, as a result, speed up the payment process and improve the level of the customers’ satisfaction? We will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with a free consultation.