We have already posted a lot about how to get the most out of cooperating with an outsourcing IT company when creating a mobile application, including what to look for and how to go step-by-step from the origin of the idea to launching a successful application. Today, however, I want to focus on what should not be done if you want to get a quality product from developers.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce Ten Tips on How to Build The Worst App.


How does a bad app look like


Tip #1. There is no need to create a detailed specification for your app. Every professional developer knows how your app should function. It will be more than enough to briefly describe the main point of your app and the developer will think of all the remaining features that you expect to see.


Tip #2. The IT industry is a rapidly changing environment, as are your app requirements! Therefore, right after the app development process starts, you need to start modifying requirements for your app immediately, in order to keep your app on the cutting edge during the whole development process.


Tip #3. There is no need to rush when the developer asks you a question about the app functionality. You can take few days to think about it. After all, it is your app and you’re the boss. They should respect that!


Tip #4. Try to help the developer by doing some small pieces of work by yourself. Write a few code lines or draw a button. You could also save a few bucks and increase the speed of development by doing this. Obviously, if you make a mistake in your work, a truly professional developer will note that and fix it without complaint.


Tip #5. It is better to spread the job out among numerous developers from different companies or even different countries. The less that developers talk with each other, the more work they do. It’s even better if you can hire developers from different time zones: an iOS developer from Ukraine, an Android developer from China, a Web developer from Brazil and a project manager from the USA. After that, you can be sure that the work on your app is moving forward 24 hours a day!


Tip #6. Use a triangle scheme of communication in your work. For example, tell Developer A to give a task to Developer B on your behalf. Then, after the work is completed, get in touch with Developer B directly and check his work. If the work wasn't done as you explained and the developers start to blame each other, you can find out who is guilty by simply tossing a coin. It always works!


Tip #7. If you see a bug in the app, start arguing with the developer immediately! Demand a perfectly polished app without any bugs or excuses. It certainly doesn't matter that the development process is only halfway complete. Your app should look polished whenever you inspect it.


Tip #8. After the developer presents a work plan or schedule, you should re-arrange it in a way that is comfortable for you, not for him. If the developer wishes to build app pages in this order: Registration screen, Login screen, Profile screen – but you don't like it, just reverse the order. After all, it's more important how you test the app, not how the app is actually written.


Tip #9. Use as many communication channels as possible. For example, you can send the developer a short task via Skype in the morning, and then send corrections to the task via email in the afternoon. Finally, give him a call via Google Hangouts in the evening. This way, you will keep developers on their toes, as they won't know which channel you will use to contact them next time.


Tip #10. If the development process lasts a long time, by the end of the process, the design of the application will look pretty boring to you. Why not do a redesign of the app before releasing it to the app store? 


That's all. Please don't take this list too seriously as some of the points light up our human weaknesses that we all are exposed to in more or less degree. However, I sincerely hope that you want a high-quality and successful product, so I urge you to never follow these awful advice! Good luck with your project!